Circuitos Electronicos de Radio Control

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Welcome to the page where all the necessary information so that is published you can arm your own electronic equipment of radio control. The intention of the publication is to cross the passages of the pioneers in radio control with the technology available for the electronic hobbista of today.
If you do not find the circuit that these looking for, please follows east Link, to accede to the old site.


  • 02/07/07 Type tagboard to the site for that adds chat of access fast they do not send mails by the list and to communicate things of dynamic form but. It is not necessary to register itself, is possible to be written with a temp name.

  • did and in the , this separated one by sections where in it completes it publishes the use of .

  • 24/01/07. It dedicates me to the documentation of the because photos of the assembly were single. Although todabia not this finished, either that serious circuit at least in a 90% or this proven one and working very or. Firmware does not have implemented the exit by PWM for buck.

  • 25/11/06. But information on coils and the used in the receivers and as it bases to make the coils in the transmitters. Also other small updates were made on the documentation.

  • 09/09/06. I publish a circuit to measure inductance and capacities with the voltmeter. Very useful to arm the coils of the transmitting and receiving circuits. The circuit this here

  • 15/05/06 Sebastian Smuraglia development a coder PPM with a microcontroller PIC 16F628. Although still this in its stage of development, works and is totally compatible with any decoder of PPM that we have published of before like that it uses 4017. The circuit this here

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Alexander C. Weber
To title of: LU7MGP
Mendoza Argentina

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