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Measurement and test Circuits

The basic instruments of test but are:


It serves to measure tensions, resistance, current, transistors, continuity, etc
It is the necessary minimum of instrumentation for any electronic project. A aeromodelista deberia to have at least one to measure the tension of his packs of batteries.

End of RF:

An End of RF serves to obtain a proportional value of continuous tension to the RF signal that midio through the end. Soon with a conversion table by hand one can know whichever power in RF has in certain part of the circuit. It is used to measure the exit of a RF transmitter.

Simple circuit of end RF

In this C1 circuit he is of 10nF/400V and each one of diodes BY133 with a tension capacity reversa of 1.3KV

Complete circuit but

Image of an end armed in a container of aluminum vitamins


A Milivatimetro that us serious useful is the one who measure losses RF powers covering the rank with frequencies of r/c:

Frequency meter:

This it serves so much as for the transmitter as for the receiver. It serves to know the frequency of the RF signal that there is in a given point of the circuit, it gives an idea us of the operation of the filters and is of much utility to center in frequency the transmitters and the receivers.

Measurer of intensity of field:

It serves to measure the reach of a transmitter, being allowed to make adjustments in the stage of exit of he himself and this form to remove to the maximum benefit from ours pack from batteries.

Receiver of the same frequency:

This it acts as of frequency meter like the one of the measurer of the intensity of field, if no of these two previous ones were had, the serious receiver of much utility well to know to the frequency approx of a signal and its intensity.