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Protection Circuits

Failsafe with Microcontroller

(By Anton Go'mez of Cuba)

Repeater of the R/C signal

The following circuit designs it to protect to the airplanes that its system of radio does not have the condition of fail safe, this based on atmel 2313 has the main function to repeat the signals of exit of a compatible receiver with futaba, and to register the lack of signal during some time that is around about 50 ms or the lack of synchronism product of some interference, maximum time which they admit the servo ones (to maintain the control) of refrescamiento, when happening the lack of signal of the transmitter porcausas of breakage or outside radio, the microcontroller takes the control and generates them control pulse adopting the positions that him program until the communication recovers or forces a programmed landing, in normal conditions of flight is possible to be programmed to obtain but channels using some combination of the channels, for example to unfold the train when the motor happens of discharge to loss, or to raise the train after a prudencial time under the condition of maximum acceleration, to unfold flaps by a similar condition to the previous one, or nobody fincion that is managed to implement, as complement the controller has a duplex channel of programmable communication at any typical baud rate between 60 and 115200, I practice for RF up to 4800 bauds in infrared until the 115200.

I make available of you so that they evaluate it and they emit its criteria in the use of microcontroller AVR in equipment of RC that do not have the modern functions of but and the expensive ones